The Inside Scoop About the Paralegal Program at SBBCollege

Want to know what it’s like to attend SBBCollege for paralegal studies? We sat down with Leslie, a student in the legal training program, who gave us the inside scoop.

Why did you choose to come back to school?

The reason why I chose to go back to school was because I was just working at a restaurant, and I felt like I needed direction. I needed to figure out a focus and what to do with my life. I knew I couldn’t work at a restaurant until I was 60 or 70. Plus, I didn’t have any benefits where I worked, no insurance, no incentives. I haven’t had a raise. I said, this isn’t me – I need to get ahead in life.

Why did you choose the paralegal field?

I’ve actually had an interest in the legal field ever since I was about 10 years old when I started studying different laws and cases. I didn’t get involved in law sooner because I thought that in order to go to law school and to be in the legal profession, you had to have money. It wasn’t until recently I figured out that I could do it with Santa Barbara Business College’s help. I can find the means. I can get the loans, I can get financial aid and I’m doing it.

Why SBBCollege?

I chose Santa Barbara Business College because of the location and the program length. Since I already have a degree, I can finish the program in one year through their diploma program. I can get in and out in no time. I don’t like things to be a waste of my time. And so far, this program has been excellent. I’m learning, and I’m enjoying it.

How do you like the classes?

I like it a lot, mainly because we’re not learning just one type of law. It’s everything. You get your business law. You have your tort law, criminal law. You have your family law. It’s everything. You need that for when you go out into the legal field. Maybe there’ll be a certain case in family law that deals with criminal law. I’ll be able to know what that is, since I learned it in class.

What has been your favorite class so far?

I enjoy Tort law, believe it or not. Tort is a civil wrong against another person. Before I took the class, I had no idea what tort was. But coming out of the class, I felt like I learned what somebody learned in law school.

How would you describe the instructors and staff?

The instructors that I have had at Santa Barbara Business College have been very encouraging. They’ve made me feel very welcome.

The staff has been nothing but friendly to me. You can see the dean at any time for anything – which is great. I’ve never had that at a school before, where you can stop by for any problem.

Are you excited for your future?

My future feels great. I know the door is now open. I feel good because now I have a handle on things. I know I’ll get a great job as a paralegal. I have the knowledge, I have the tools. Everything is here for me at Santa Barbara Business College.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Leslie!

Leslie will be graduating from the SBBCollege Ventura college campus in the Spring 2013 class, and looks forward to starting her legal career.