Congrats, Marylu!

Business Administration bachelor’s degree graduate of our Santa Barbara college campus, Marylu, has started her career working in the business field. Marylu is an administrative assistant in the accounting department of a local university!

Congrats on your new career, Marylu!

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Video Transcript:

Marylu Diaz – Business Administration Graduate 2013

Why did you go back to school? I was at a point where I was seeing how people I had gone to school with in high school were moving forward, and I wasn’t. I was kind of stuck and it did take me a little while to go back and I just knew I had to do something. I wasn’t happy where I was and the regular city college just didn’t work for me. I worked full time, so I had to be able to do something which worked with my schedule. The Business College, I loved the small classes, I loved that it’s in town and it’s a lot more personable.

Why did you choose SBBCollege? The size; it’s a lot smaller, a lot more intimate. You’re not in a classroom as just another person, that’s just another number – you actually get to know your teachers and they get to know your style and how you learn so they work better with you. I think I’m able to learn a lot better that way. It’s more one on one, rather than just sitting in a lecture class being a blank face to a teacher.

Are you currently working? I’m an Administrative Assistant at UCSB in the Accounting Department. What I do now, I didn’t do before which is cool. I do reconciliations; I do payroll; I do paperwork for new hires; I do expenses transfers; and I work with the general ledger system that they have.

Words for instructors: Thank you all of you for pushing us, pushing our limits, for getting to know us on a personal level and being more willing to help us in that way. Rather than just being another student you guys actually took interest in us individually and learned how we learn. So you were learning with us and I think that just made us want to push even harder. So thank you.