Santa Barbara Business College – past, present and future

Santa Barbara Business College – past, present and future

The story of the Old West is actually all about the birth of a brave new world, and we were there at the crucial turning-point. That makes us one of the longest-established colleges in the United States – and one of the most forward-looking.

It all began in 1888, when J.E. Metzger opened Santa Barbara Business College to provide relevant, employment-focused education and training. “The world moves with a wonderful velocity,” he envisioned. “Old methods are dead. The new ones are what you need.”

Ci SbbcpastpresentIn the 1890s, local business leader Edward B. Hoover took charge, emphasizing the advantage of teaching skills that were in specific demand. Over the years, the college expanded its programs and campuses to meet the needs of employers and prospective employees across five Southern Californian communities.

Throughout the ups and downs of the 20th Century and into the 21st, we have provided a welcome sense of continuity and certainty. For Southern Californians, as well as Americans from further afield and international visitors too, our message remains a reassuring one: we’ll help prepare you for a changing world.

Today, we have several campuses in Southern California. Our online learning environment greatly expands our offering and provides the flexibility of blended online/campus learning.

And we’re always developing new programs and new program content to meet tomorrow’s needs. Because at SBBCollege, we’ve always been about the future.