Success Stories

Linda Metzkova

Age: 23
Course: MBA
Nationality: Czech
Joined college: September 2012

I wanted a challenging education and one that would not only improve my English but help me in my future career so I started researching potential colleges in Europe. I was told I didn’t have the required proficiency in English which I found very disheartening.

A friend of mine from Santa Barbara told me how beautiful it was there and that the weather was amazing! He recommended I contact SBBCollege and I have never looked back since. I spoke to a very helpful lady who told me that my lack of English skills wouldn’t be a problem and I could take a short course in English to get me to the required standard. I enrolled in a five week Advanced English course which was challenging but I progressed very quickly. I am now studying for an MBA and will graduate in May 2014.

SBBCollege’s MBA program has provided me with the knowledge, analytical and interpersonal skills necessary to reach managerial positions in a wide variety of business sectors, including industry, government and non-profit organizations. It has taught me how to think critically and make practical decisions that relate to frequent, real-world business situations. Upon graduation I am hoping to move into banking or HR.

I cannot recommend SBBCollege highly enough. The classes are very small which means you receive all the assistance you need. I love the discussions we have in class and I am enhancing my vocabulary every day. The teachers are great and extremely helpful and only too keen to pass on their wealth of experience. Before I came to SBBCollege education for me was always seen as compulsory but now I actually enjoy studying mainly because you are given the autonomy to think for yourself.

My advice to any foreign students considering studying abroad is to seriously consider SBBCollege. If you want to work hard and be surrounded by intelligent and ambitious people then this is the college for you.