Information for Parents

As a parent, it is important for parents to find the best school for their child, a school that will not only fit their needs academically but also help to prepare them for a great career after they graduate. We believe that SBBCollege can offer parents and students both of these important aspects as well as many other benefits.

A College with History

SBBCollege is one of the oldest learning establishments in the US. Founded in 1888 as Santa Barbara Business College, SBBCollege has educated generations of local professionals and offers a 125-year history of success. The College is accredited by ACICS.

Our students benefit from

A helpful and student-friendly admissions and financial aid process

At SBBCollege, we are invested in the success of our students, which starts with the admissions and financial aid process. We want students to reach their goals, and will provide the support, resources and personal attention needed to help them get there.

Real-world knowledge – students work on externships for on-the-job experience

In the classroom, SBBCollege students enjoy hands-on training whenever possible, preparing them for the chosen careers. Blood draws, vital sign assessments, practicing with the latest accounting or medical records software, mock crime scene investigations or legal cases are some things that happen at our campuses to help transform students into skilled contributors in the workforce.

Towards the end of most programs, SBBCollege students participate in an externship with a local business – giving them real-world work experience in their chosen field before they graduate.

Job-placement assistance for graduates

The SBBCollege career services team works with each of our students to help find them a job in their chosen career field. They’ll also help graduates with critical job-obtaining skills, such as resume writing and interview preparation.

We believe that SBBCollege can offer students not only a first class learning experience, but also the support and guidance to help them to apply that learning to their future careers, giving them a solid grounding in real-world experience to help them achieve their goals.