Medical Assisting Graduate Embarks on New Career

Video Transcript:

Deborah Helm – Medical Assisting Graduate 2013

Why did you go back to school? Well as you can tell, I’m a lot older than most of the students. Life had brought changes and I found I needed a change of career. I had always been really interested in the medical field and I thought now is the time to do it. Although there were a lot of questions and I really wasn’t sure, I came to check out Santa Barbara Business College and I think it’s the best decision I’ve made. It has been a wonderful experience for me.

What did you learn at SBBCollege? I learned how to do venipunctures, learned how to do EKGs and as well as all the laboratory things we would do, learn a lot about the body itself – anatomy and physiology and I love that. But I also love the hands-on things; working with patients. We used each other of course, but I really enjoy people and I think it’s important that they’re well taken care of when they face potential medical issues and help them maintain their health if they have good health.

Thoughts about SBBCollege: It’s come so fast, I mean it’s amazing; Santa Barbara Business College was a huge help and incredibly supportive. I’ve never been to a school, I’ve gone to a university before and other colleges in getting classes that I needed for my diploma, but I’ve never been to a school where faculty and administration are so determined to have their students succeed. It really impressed me and they are so available to help with whatever you need, so given all that – I can utilize so much of what I learned at SBBC and I plan to take it and go as far as I can because I really love it and appreciate the help that I got here.