SBBCollege Graduate Begins Criminal Justice Career

Video Transcript:

Brittanny Pabon – Criminal Justice – Class of 2013: My name is Britanny Pabon, I am from Santa Maria, California. I went to school because I wanted to better myself. I was tired of doing the same old thing every day basically and I just wanted to make everything that I was going for and my goals very quick and I heard this was the school to go to for that.

Why did you go back to school? I was just basically at a casino before in the accounting business, and didn’t really enjoy it much until somebody made a comment like ‘hey you have a really dominant personality, you should get into security’ and I was like ‘oh that would be great’. So that is what made me get into the criminal justice to at least get my Associate’s so I can move up.

How are you using your degree? I’m working at the Kansas Star Casino in the surveillance department now. We basically just oversee games, find a bunch of white collar crimes that happen in the casino, and I enjoy every minute of it. I never thought I would be in it, I was originally interested in being a Correctional Officer but this side is a little bit funner and also I’m a Loss Prevention Officer at Kohl’s part-time.

Anyone you’d like to thank? All my family, all my colleagues for their support and pushing me to keep going because this is one of the accomplishments I thought I was never ever going to be able to make.

SBBCollege offers Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice