SBBCollege Hands-on Crime Scene Lab

Students in SBBCollege’s criminal justice program participated in a hands-on crime scene lab this month. The lab gave students an idea of what it would be like to work in the field of crime scene investigations and forensics and prepares them for careers in the criminal justice field.

With a mannequin acting as a victim in a fight, the legal program students investigated the scene to determine what happened and who possible suspects were. Instructed by their teacher, students learned how to preserve evidence, take photographs of the crime scene and fingerprint suspects.

Whenever possible, SBBCollege uses hands-on exercises in addition to traditional classroom lectures. Many students appreciated the opportunity to work with a realistic crime scene.

Perla H., a student receiving training in the criminal justice program at the Rancho Mirage campus, stated “Our class set up a crime scene which was really fun. It was so hands-on and realistic – there was blood splattered on the floor and windows. Shawni Devito is a great instructor. She helped us step-by-step on how to pick up evidence and how to take pictures of evidence. I had fun!”

For more information on the criminal justice degree programs offered at SBBCollege campus locations in Rancho Mirage, Bakersfield, Ventura, Santa Maria and Online, please call 866-610-7222.