Success Stories: Bidding War over SBBC Grad, and More!

Here are a few success stories our students and graduates experienced this month.

Neville S. recently graduated from the online criminal justice degree program. After completing this program, Neville was offered 2 jobs and the companies got into a bidding war over him! After negotiating a higher salary, a bump from part-time to full-time and the promise of a supervisory position, Neville is now working at a local law office of his choice.

When Ashley K. completed her medical assisting externship at a neurology doctor’s office in Palm Desert, there were no job openings available at that time. But the doctor’s office must have liked her, because when they had a position open they called her back! Ashley is now their newest employee.

After graduating from the criminal justice training program, Edwin T. was offered a position at the local Boys and Girls Club to help at-risk youth in the community. This is a great foundation for Edwin, whose goal is to work in juvenile probation.

Isabel C., a graduate of the medical assisting training program in Santa Maria, became the newest medical assistant employee with a medical group in Pismo Beach.