Developing Marketable Skills at a Business School

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Are you in a business school and wondering how you can make yourself look more attractive in the workforce? You are not alone. One of the best ways to maximize your time in business school is to develop marketable skills that may help you find the right job.

You already have a great deal of education on the important topics within your industry. You understand how organizational, leadership, finance and legal skills are essential for success in businesses. You have learned the importance of management, technical, ethical and regulatory compliance skills.

Now, you just need to add specific marketable skills that enhance what you already know.

Having marketable skills means you have a talent that someone else is willing to buy. To make more money in your career, you need to have a skill that other people may not have but need.

You can start developing marketable skills now. Don’t wait until you are finished with your higher education to begin setting yourself apart from your competition.


The Best Marketable Skills to Have

Money magazine participated in a large study of millions of employer profiles to discover the most marketable career skills. They found there are 21 skills that stood out from the rest. Some of these top skills include bottom line management, strategic thinking, and advanced technology.

Other skills include being able to lead others, analyze data, solve problems, creativity, and social media literacy. It is also important for you to be able to adapt and grow with an ever-changing world of businesses and business trends. Even more, it is important to find ways to shine and stand out among the crowd.

You may already have marketable skills. A great first step is to analyze your current abilities and make a list of the skills you already have that can make you more marketable in the job world. The next step is to make a list of the skills you want to gain. Then, go out and develop them. This can be done even while in school.

Below you will find tips to developing these types of marketable skills while attending business school.


Advance Your Tech Abilities

Computers and technology are not going away. Just the opposite. Every industry can benefit from someone with advanced technology skills. You can make yourself more marketable by learning as much as you can within the technology industry.

Business schools have extensive course offerings to help you do this. From computer networking to hardware configuration to troubleshooting and repairs, there are classes available. There are also technology classes that can help you advance your skills in networking, installing programs and using advanced versions of common software.

Classes like these can prepare you to take certification exams. If you pass the exam, you will be rewarded with an actual certificate that shows potential employers or customers that you have advanced knowledge and marketable skills. Examples of certifications include Microsoft Technical Associate or Office Specialist.


Become a Champion Communicator

Developing communication skills goes beyond having the ability to give a speech or interact with colleagues. While those are important, communication entails much more.

Communication skills are both verbal and non-verbal. They include communications through writing, online social media abilities, and how well you can motivate and coach others. Communication also involves your ability to listen well, to the needs of your employer and to your customers.

A business school is a suitable place to advance your communication skills. There are both online and in-person opportunities that give you practice in communications.

Subscribing to newsletters from leaders and departments can teach you how to receive communications and pick out the most valuable information from each. Taking advanced technology skills will help you with your online communications. You can even join social media groups to gain practice in how to properly respond to both negative and positive posts.

Attending campus meetings and participating in groups and clubs can give you experience working with your peers and learning how to communicate verbally and non-verbally. Working in groups will also show employers you have well-rounded collaboration skills.


Become a Better Leader

Business schools offer many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Finding a mentor in an Instructor or campus leader is one way. Just by spending time with other leaders can teach you the skills they have that make them successful.

In many cases, shadowing other leaders if a reality-based learning tool. You can also take courses that teach specific leadership skills such as organization, management, marketing and problem solving. You can create your own opportunities while in school too. For instance, organize a community service project in which you lead others in an activity that benefits others.

You may also want to help new students by orienting them to the school, assist a professor or volunteer in administrative offices on campus. Fundraising events are great ways to gain leadership skills. The more you do, the more your leadership skills will be noticeable to potential employers.


Become a Problem-Solving Pro

Problems exist in colleges, just as they do in the real world. Solving problems shows you can research the problem, develop creative ideas to solve the problem and implement solutions. These are skills all employers desire for their staff.

While in business school, many of your courses will teach you how to apply learned problem-solving techniques to real-world problems. You can also create opportunities for yourself while in school. Research problems you hear your peers discussing. Develop solutions to these problems and work with a group to create a solution.

Doing so shows you not only have the skills to solve a problem, but the initiative and motivation to create something better. It will also show you are good at time management, teamwork and critical, strategic thinking.

You can start improving your skills today. Business schools offer many opportunities to do so. Whether you take a specific course, assist a professor, or lead your own project, you will be able to develop marketable skills that increase your employability.