Santa Paula Police Department Visit

Santa Paula Police | SBBC

This month we got the opportunity to visit the Santa Paula Police Department, which is one of SBBCollege’s externship locations. You may be wondering what an externship is. An externship is a temporary work program that provides training at organizations in the local community. It offers SBBCollege students on-the-job training and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience before they even graduate.

One of our SBBCollege Criminal Justice students, Raena, is currently completing her externship at the Santa Paula Police Department. Some of her daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing the front desk, scanning legal documents into repository, scanning reports and 2ndparty checks, observing dispatch, courtroom proceedings and ride-alongs, visiting the County Jail, networking opportunities such as interviewing a Homicide Detective and working closely with the Dispatch Supervisor, and much more. Given the thorough work experience she has received throughout her externship, she is now applying for a Dispatcher role.

While we were given a tour, Santa Paula PD’s Dianna (title) provided us insight on what the Department and team look for in students participating in their externship program. Being detail-oriented, asking questions and being assertive are great traits for a student to possess. Taking the initiative to pursue what you want to learn, and asking to get involved on projects helps mold a strong candidate for the Criminal Justice field.

People at Santa Paula Police Department often times start at an entry-level position and work their way up the ranks. As an example, their Assistant Chief started as a Reserve Officer many years ago. Dianna advised to get your foot in the door as a Reserve Officer, Cadet, or Community Service Officer. This entry-level exposure to the field will allow you to network with people in law enforcement, and help you move towards a career you have always dreamed about.

We are so proud of Raena and all her accomplishments during her externship. She has only a few weeks left to graduate and then plans to apply for a full-time, long-term career with the Santa Paula Police Department.

To help prepare you for your legal career, SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice program equips students with practical application with theoretical knowledge in criminal justice and related fields. Our course topics include, but are not limited to: law enforcement, juvenile justice, criminal court system, private security, and much more. The program includes a 10-week externship where students strengthen their knowledge and skills. Plus, our criminal justice students receive job-placement assistance, including job lead development, resume writing and interview preparation, to help our students find their careers after graduation.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. To get started, contact us at 1-866-749-SBBC.


*Degree programs in criminal justice are not designed to be academy training programs for law enforcement. While organizations may accept these degrees as a foundation for employment, it’s likely that additional requirements such as academy or specialized training, mental and physical examinations, background checks, and age restrictions will be required