Instructor’s Experience: Nursing Program

Nursing Program Instructor Norma | SBBC

We shared alumni Victoria’s experience in the Nursing program at SBBCollege. Now we would like to share our instructor’s perspective during the nursing program.  Norma has been a nursing program instructor at SBBCollege Bakersfield for about 10 years. She teaches clinical and healthcare ethics and theory courses.

Similar to Victoria’s reasons of why she loves SBBCollege and the nursing program, Norma also enjoys the intimate class sizes. She feels that this is a great way to provide students with detailed hands-on training and education inside of the lab and in the classroom.

“We like to do small groups where we have instructors take from 10 students or less and break them into different [clinical] sites. Some of them will go in to nursing homes, others will go to the hospital, and we have some that will go to adult daycares. That way we can try and give the best experience that we can to the students in the real world.”

Many of the reasons why Norma has held a long tenure at SBBCollege is because she values the structure of our classes. She believes that SBBCollege’s medical assisting and nursing programs are unique because we provide a fast-track option, which can be completed in about 9 and 14 months respectively. SBBCollege offers nursing programs and other healthcare programs that allow students to gain the education and job training they need to start working.

Norma “loves her job” and it gives SBBCollege pride to know that our instructors pride themselves on the success of their students.

“I’ve been here for TEN years. So, something good is here because I love working here. And I love the students that have come through these programs. I’ve seen a lot of them succeed and some of them are already RNs. One of the biggest things I think that sets us apart from other schools is that we focus on pushing the students to continue their education. We bring them into their class, and we keep telling them this is just your first step.”

Along with the classroom and lab nursing instruction she provides students, Norma also invites guest speakers to class to participate in mock interviews with nursing students.  This equips students with real-life job interviews and prepares them to be successful in job placement.

In addition learning from guest speakers in the healthcare industry, resume review and mock interviews, students have the opportunity to receive on-the-job training through the clinical site training component of the vocational nursing program. Under the supervision of clinical staff, students work with patients in a variety of clinical settings at various hospitals, medical practices and skilled facilities. This allows them to not only practice what they learn, but gain empathy and compassion for their patients.

Our success is dependent on the success of our students. We truly pride ourselves on teaching our students the techniques needed to succeed in the healthcare industry.

For more information on the vocational nursing program at SBBCollege, call 866-749-SBBC.