Top 5 Reasons You Should Get into the Medical Field

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Deciding what to do for your career can be difficult. You have multiple talents. You have multiple dreams. It’s important to find the right balance between both of those, while also considering other factors such as income and growth potential. The medical field offers a wide range of opportunities that can meet your needs. And you don’t have to be a physician to reach your goals of financial or personal freedom. In fact, there are many more jobs available in the administrative and patient care branches that require just a small amount of education.

This means you can achieve financial and personal goals with as little as a two-year degree. This is fantastic, especially since jobs in the medical field are increasing rapidly. Around the world there is a need for all types of medical professionals.

Below are five top reasons to work in the medical field that can help you when considering your career path.


1. It Is the Fastest Growing Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the Healthcare industry to be growing faster than all other industries. The expected growth rates of jobs in the medical field between 2012 and 2022 show a diagnostic sonographer at 46 percent, while a physician assistant is 38 percent.

Other areas in the healthcare field expected to grow rapidly include occupational therapists, medical receptionists, and even medical equipment repairer.

The idea that you could be working in one of these fast-growing careers in under two years is exciting. The rapid growth rate of the industry is making it hard for hospitals and clinics to recruit those of you with specialty talents and education.

Recruiting methods are now including paid tuition, bonuses and in some areas, free housing. This is needed because the job openings far exceed the number of qualified staff to fill the openings. Jobs in the medical field are increasing in demand.


2. Flexible Scheduling Available

The types of jobs available in the medical field are varied and many are finding they have flexibility when it comes to the scheduling. Whether administrative or in the field, there are opportunitiesto work the hours that fit your needs and the needs of your family or lifestyle.

You may choose to work on the business side and do the important tasks of medical billing, coding, managing or assisting in an office environment. You can choose from daytime hours, evening hours, and even weekend hours.

The administrative staff and the healthcare staff complement one another.Many clinics and hospitals are open around the clock. Meaning, you have the chance to work varied shifts.

If you are interested in working with patients to check vital signs, administering medications and other tasks in a clinical setting, there can be many opportunities to find the right practice or medical facility that benefits your scheduling needs.

Each job area in the medical field recognizes the importance of providing staff with flexibility. Unlike many other professions, you can create a schedule that suits you, and you can make a nice income.


3. Earnings Potential

Many years ago, the physician made the best income in the medical field. While this was true, they also had to spend many years in higher education, accumulating a lot of student loan debt.

Today, and in just a couple of years, a person can get a great paying job in the medical industry. Results shown at Healthcare Management Degree, salaries are higher than ever for a variety of medical professions.

According to, reports show radiologic and MRI technologists can ear close to $60,000. The same is true for respiratory therapists and nurses.

Other reports state you can make between $52,000 as a cardiovascular technician or physical therapist technician to $65,000 as a diagnostic sonographer to $70,000 as a dental hygienist. All of these require a two-year degree and many programs can be fast-tracked for your convenience.

There are people with four-year college degrees who do not make this much money. In fact, many people graduate with large student loan debt and are only able to find a job at an entry level that pays very little.

Seeking a career in the medical field also means you may have paid for benefits, as well as options for the hours you wish to work.


4. Multiple Medical Field Career Options

What fields of study can get you the right job in the medical industry? Believe it or not, some fields do not require a degree from college. But if you get a 2-year degree, you significantly increase your opportunities in the medical field. You also increase your chances for moving up the ladder at the clinic or hospital in which you are employed.

The career choices you have can change as you grow and change. You may want to start out your career as a medical assistant and continue your education to become a nurse. Or, you may want to move from a radiologic technician to a diagnostic sonographer. Most of the time, there are clear steps to advancement based on acquiring new skills. And with the ample educational opportunities at Two-Year Colleges to provide you with the courses and certificates necessary to make your move, you increase your chances of success.


5. You Can Make a Difference

Your goal is to make a difference. You enjoy helping others and you are good at making people feel valued, safe and comfortable. You are perfect for the medical field. Making a difference can be done on many levels.

You can begin making a difference when you are a student in medical studies. There are multiple opportunities for practical field experiences, volunteering and job shadowing. You can even participate in paid internships.

The difference you can make in touching the lives of patients is often found to be more rewarding than financial gains. At the end of each day, you don’t remember how many dollars you earned. You do remember, however, how many lives you helped.

The best investment you can make is in you. Invest in the right education that can help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

When compared to other fields of study, working in the medical field offers a great return on your investment.