How Can Education Further Your Career?

How Education Further's your Career

You may be asking yourself questions regarding your career, like “Am I satisfied?” or “Are my goals still the same?” You may be trying to figure out if you are still energized in your job, if your leader is good a leader, or if you want to change career paths altogether.

The answers to these questions may lead you to the desire for a change, which does not always mean you need to quit your job and move across the country. Change can simply mean improving your current situation by obtaining more education.

Researchers have found that obtaining more education, even with a certification or associate degree program, can further your career in many ways. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits education can provide to your professional life.


You Know More

This advantage may seem obvious, but its importance should be emphasized. The more knowledge you have, the powerful you are. Education is something no one can take away from you. It can set you apart from competitors and it can be rewarding both internally and externally.

The more knowledge you gain, the more you may be an expert in leader in that category. More knowledge can bring positive attention to your work from the higher ups. When they start to notice you, your opportunities for promotion and growth within a company may increase.

Making efforts to further your education can show others your strong work ethic.


Work Ethic

Work ethic is a set of values that show you have discipline to get jobs done. It also means you feel rewarded and accomplished when you complete projects successfully. It means you can focus and stay on track until you produce high quality results.

Employers want to hire staff with a strong work ethic.

Furthering your education shows leaders of a company that you have a good work ethic. You dedicate yourself to the job of getting a certificate or degree, and you do so in a limited amount of time and resources.

It can also show them you are committed to what you do.


Shows Commitment

Loyalty and commitment are characteristics employers are seeking when hiring and promoting. You set a goal and stuck with it to the end. This shows employers you can do that with other projects too. They want someone who does not give up when a project seems difficult or causes distress.

Instead, they want a person who can navigate through obstacles that may arise and still find success. One reason you can show this type of commitment is because you have strengthened your skill set.


Strengthened Skill Set

Furthering your education means you have opportunities to improve both your soft and hard skills. Soft skills include your communication skills, time management abilities, problem-solving skills, and ability to accept criticism. You also gain the ability to work well under pressure.

In getting an education, you will communicate with teachers and other students. You will have group projects that teach teamwork, get feedback from your professor and peers about your work, and will be forced to adapt time management skills to complete assignments and study for exams.

Hard skills are both teachable and measurable. These are the skills you learn and that can be easily proven. For example, how fast you type, how well you can read or program a computer. Math, writing and web design are another example.

The more you improve both hard and soft skills, the more your confidence may be boosted.


Boosted Confidence

Confidence levels, low and high, can make a difference on the job. The more education you have has been linked to higher confidence, with good reason. You should be proud of yourself after getting a certificate or a degree.

You worked hard to reach educational success and your knowledge allows you to complete your work, knowing you can do a good job. In turn, your employer’s confidence in you will increase, giving you more on-the-job challenges and opportunities.


Grow Your Network

One way to further your career is to meet new people who can connect you with new organizations, community agencies, new job openings, and even leaders with influence.

Getting into a local college to get more education offers you networking potential. Through classes, practicums, group projects, study teams, professors and campus activities, you will have ample opportunities to increase your network.


Adapt to Changing Market

All markets seem to be constantly changing and adapting to newer and better systems and processes. Whether you are in healthcare, technology, business, or even in a trade, the ability to adapt is crucial for success.

Getting more education in your field means you are better capable of adapting to change. And you will have the confidence in yourself to adapt successfully, rather than fear change like so many do.

Many studies show that the higher your education, the more earnings potential you have. This does not mean everyone with a Ph.D. makes more money than someone with an associate degree. You must consider the field of study when analyzing salaries.

There are many associate degree level trades, like HVAC and Information Technology that can allow you to make more annually than some with higher educations.


Reignite Your Passion

Sometimes you may feel bored and tired of doing the same old thing day after day. You want a change without changing your career entirely. You want to find the passion you once had for your job.

Getting an education can reignite this passion, giving you a refreshing look at the industry and teaching you updated skills that can change the way you do your work. Education can be just the boost you need to help you find joy in your work once again.

In conclusion, whether you are trying to change careers, get a promotion, or just trying to love the job you have, getting an education can help.

And, you can start today by connecting with a local college, where you can get a certificate or degree without changing your lifestyle.