The Benefits of an MBA Over a Bachelor’s Degree

Why MBA Over Bachelor's Degree

In the field of business, having a master’s degree gives employers many reasons to show interest in you. You will be equipped with many skills that can set you apart from those who may have a bachelor’s degree or less.

A bachelor’s degree is great to have but extending your knowledge to include master level courses is better.

While in your bachelor’s degree program, you learned the basics of all areas of business administration. You learned the basics of accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, human resources, marketing and finance. Getting an MBA increases the knowledge you have in each of these areas.

You become more of an expert in the field in which you choose to specialize.

Other than setting you apart and expanding your expertise, MBA degrees have many other benefits. A few of these are discussed below.


Quick Return on Your Investment

According to US News reports, a person who chooses fast track programs, or programs less than one year, to receive an MBA may be able to recoup the money they spent in two and a half years.

There are few other programs of study that can offer a return on investment like this. Other degrees can take five or ten years to see the financial aspects pay off. There are still others that take longer than that.

With an MBA, your earning power can increase dramatically in just a few short years. This is one of the first ways you can show you know how to make wise financial decisions on smart investments, like your education.


Improve Communication Skills

Great leaders in every business know how to communicate with customers, employees, contractors and with friends and families.

Effective communication is a skill. It does not happen overnight. In fact, it takes a lot of practice to hone your skills to the point they enhance your business.

In fast track MBA programs, you will learn how to communicate what you want, in a way that will get results the fastest. You will also learn to listen well to others, which is an essential part of communication.

You can figure out what skills to use to build relationships within your industry. Every person you work with may have a different style of communication. You will be able to learn how to adapt your skills to get the most out of each relationship you build in your professional life.


Increased Chances of Getting Hired

According to Poets & Quants, those with an MBA are getting hired by close to 80 percent of employers. These statistics have risen over the last few years.

This means employers find a great deal of value in an MBA and they are searching for specialists in the business field. This could also mean having an MBA could give you a competitive edge over someone with similar experience but less education.


Increased Networking Opportunities

Some of the students in your MBA program may already be working in lucrative businesses who are looking for additional employees with MBAs. Being in an MBA program will give you plenty of opportunities to network and show your assets to classmates, as well as professionals in the industry.

Each person you meet while in the MBA program may be able to offer you something positive, from an insider tip to a full-time job or promotion. But it is up to you to capitalize on all the networking opportunities available.

Pay attention to campus calendars and company events. Choose activities that will give you an opportunity to implement your communication skills, as well as have fun and be remembered positively by peers and leaders in your field.


Niche Down to the Right Field

With a business degree, you receive a broad range of skills through a broad range of courses. You learn the basics of almost every field in business.

By getting an MBA, you can choose a specific area of study, a niche. Niching down means you choose one or two areas to focus on and become a specialist in. For example, rather than being a graduate with a master’s degree in business, you can become an MBA graduate with a specialty in finance or accounting.


Improved Self-Confidence

To be successful, you need to believe you are successful and that you have the skills necessary to do a great job, no matter what field you are in. There may be times when you don’t have all the answers but the confidence in yourself to get those answers will help you in reassuring customers or staff.

Getting a graduate degree can give you a feeling of accomplishment, personal achievement, and self-assurance that you are able to get the job done. When you are confident, others notice. Your peers will notice and may look to you as a resource on the job.

Your employer will notice and may consider you first for a promotion. You can become an influencer, help improve productivity, help others have a positive attitude, and can handle stress at work better than if you didn’t have confidence.

Having a healthy self-confidence can assist you in making good decisions when it comes to taking risks, as well as being able to get others to support your ideas.


How to Start an MBA Program?

One of the greatest benefits of an MBA program is that getting started is easy. Your local college will likely have a program to meet your needs. The best local colleges offer a fast track program that allows you to receive your MBA in about ten to twelve months.

In addition, you will be able to take classes online, in a classroom, or both. Depending on your lifestyle and your needs, an MBA program can be tailored so that you will be successful. They will also have a system in place to help you apply for financial support, if needed.

You can start your graduate program journey as soon as today. Reach out to your local college and you will be on your way to becoming an effective leader in your chosen field of study.