Owning the Interview: Interviewing Tips to Help You Get the Job

Interviewing Tips

A job interview is an event, defined by your invitation to sit with a group of professionals who are already connected to the company in which you wish to be employed. During the interview, you will be assessed to see if you should be hired.

If you’ve gotten an interview, be proud. Statistics show today only the top two percent of applicants receive an interview. Making it this far is impressive. You want to stay in that top percentile.

There are actions you can take to do this. Keep reading to find out tips that can help you get the job you want by owning the interview.


Know What Type of Interview It Is

Yes, there are different types of job interviews. One on one interviews take place with just you and one other person who represents the company. This person is usually a director or owner of the company.

Another type of interview is when you meet with a panel of people employed by the company. And a third type is a competency. All three are formatted so you answer questions given to you by the interviewers.

Some questions will range from easy and to the point, while other questions will be open ended and you will be expected to give specific data to show how you would be a good fit.


Know Your Why

You will be asked questions regarding why you applied for the open job. Prepare for this answer ahead of time. Avoid any types of hesitations or “ums” that let the interviewer know you are trying to think of an answer on the spot.

Spend time contemplating why you applied. Your answer can determine if you should advance through the interview process. For instance, if you are just trying to get any old job because you need an income, it’s likely you will not be hired.

But if your answer is because your education and previous work experience has strengthened your desire to move into this field, well you may have a better chance at advancing.


Know the Company

Preparation for the interview is important. While preparing, research the company in which you are seeking a job. The more you know about the company, the more you can find ways to connect your skills, personality, and goals.

Knowing the company means to understand its culture, mission and vision. All this information can be found online these days, making it easy for you to gather data. Knowing more about the leaders in the company can help you connect personally, another tip for success.


Connect Personally

Making a personal connection with your interviewer will leave a longer lasting impression. That is, connecting in a positive way. If your interviewer mentions their pets, and you love animals, let them know.

Do not bring up any negative connections you may have, like if your interviewer is the cousin of your crazy ex. Or, if you saw the interviewer out at the club last weekend.

Don’t be afraid to share personal information that is appropriate and relevant to the job. Pay attention to what they are saying and reflect on the highlights they shared. Don’t wait until the end of the interview to ask questions. This will make the interview feel more casual and relaxed, like a conversation.

Keep all communications on a positive path.


Focus on the Positive

No one wants to be around that one person who has a negative attitude. And an interviewer is no different. They are looking for employees who can bring positivity to the company.

There is no need for you to tell interviewers how life has mistreated you, showing how pessimistic you can be. Instead, focus on the positive and how you turn hardships into opportunities for growth.

A negative attitude can be contagious in a work environment. It can affect the mental health and productivity among co-workers. Show the interviewer you look at the upside and find challenges temporary hurdles that will eventually lead to success.


Be Prepared for All Interview Tactics

Not every interview will be a one on one conversation between you and an administrator from the company. There are different types of interviews.Interviewers may ask you to call in through Skype for your first interview. Therefore, you need to know how to Skype.

Furthermore, you may be asked to perform specific tasks during your interview. If you are applying for a job in the computer industry, the company may ask you to perform activities that test your computer skills.

If you are applying for a job that requires having knowledge of a specific trade, be prepared to show your skills, not just talk about them.


Sell Yourself the Right Way

You must be able to help the interviewer see you are the best person for the ob. But you can only say that so many times before they stop believing it. So, finding other ways to let them know you are the best choice is important.

You must sell yourself in creative ways. And every answer you give should be tied back to how they benefit the company or the job.


Rock Your Follow Up

You must follow up, either by email or letter. The follow up you provide can be the one thing that breaks a tie between you and another candidate.

Your follow up should thank them for meeting with you and give a summary of what you can bring to the job. And if you have thought of any ideas or positive comments since your interview, add them in the follow up.

Keep it simple, keep it brief, keep it positive.

Other tips include asking questions relevant to the job, answering questions authentically, showing up on time and practicing good manners.

Employers want staff who can work both independently with little supervision and as a team player. They want to know you will show up and while at work, give great effort to help the company reach success.

The good news, you can do just that!