How Searching for Jobs Has Changed in the Digital Age

Searching for A Job In The Digital Age

The technological advancements have exploded when it comes to searching for jobs. This is truly the digital age. From the way we conduct business, do banking, communicate and even search for a job has changed.

No more are the days when you type a resume and snail mail it to an employer. Paper applications, personal follow up notes and even phone calls are becoming obsolete.

Below are just a few of the ways searching for a job has changed in the digital age.


Online Job Postings

In the past if you wanted to learn about a job opening you waited to read about it in the newspaper. Or, heard about it from a friend or contacted the company directly. Any of these steps could take a lot of time and not produce great results.

Today, you an access thousands upon thousands of jobs instantly through web searches on programs such as You an even sign up to have job postings sent directly to your email every day. You even can post your resume online and let the employers find you.


Online Networking

Networking before technology consisted of attending social events, job fairs and literally getting out into the world and knocking on doors to meet new people. Today, networking is all about connecting with others online.

You can attend virtual job fairs, join online social media groups and even skype with people in the industry. The importance of networking has not diminished, it has just changed formats.

Today’s online networking means you must be accessible. And by accessible, you must be able to answer a recruiter quickly, within minutes is better than hours, and at whatever time of day they ask. If they receive your resume and want to schedule an immediate interview, do it, even if you are on vacation.

Technology has brought about an expected speed in the results we receive. That includes all aspects of networking.



Researching the company and its leaders before you apply has always been important. You want to know what they stand for, how they operate, if they are successful and how current and former employees feel about them.

The information you learn while researching can aid you when you nab the interview for a job.

Online research goes both ways. Just as you can research a potential employer, they can research you. With instant access to social media profiles, recruiters can check out what you post and read your history to discover if you are a good fit for their company.

It’s important you keep your private life private and promote the best parts of your working life. Your business profile online should showcase your creativity, your ethics, your ambition and even who you have served well.

Provide social proof that you are successful and would be an asset to any company.


Apply Online

As mentioned before, finding job openings is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. Applying for that job has become easy too. You no longer need to fill out a paper version of an application. Most companies have their application online in a software program that allows you to type in your information directly.

Applying online saves you and the company days of work. It is efficient and reduces the chances of your paperwork getting lost. It also provides you with confirmation that your application was received.

Along with your application, you can upload additional documents such as resumes, transcripts, cover letters, and even certificates or awards.

Some companies may ask you to complete online personality tests to determine how well you would work with others, your interests, or the best type of environment meets your working style.


Online Profile

One of the most exiting trends in the digital age is the ability to create an online profile on sites such as LinkedIn. It is here you can do all things at once. It’s a one stop shop for networking, receiving job notifications, applying for jobs and researching companies.

You can even showcase your skills by writing articles or posting relevant information within your industry. Sites like LinkedIn even provide you with insight regarding the strength of your profile and if needed, offers ways to make it stronger and more appealing.

With around half a million users, you are sure to connect with others who can help you grow in your career.


Keep it All Current

Uploading your resume and letting it sit for months or a year will not cut it in todays digital age. You must constantly find ways to stand out from the crowd and then let recruiters know it. You can do this by updating your resume each time you achieve a new goal or accomplish something related to the job you are seeking.

Throughout the job searching process, you should be enhancing your knowledge of the industry. Focus on what is trending and learn everything you can. When you are interviewed, your up-to-date knowledge will shine.

Take online courses and webinars on the latest industry advancement. Interview or study leaders in the industry. Add to your list of self-help books read. Attend conferences. Turn improving your skills into a job, until you get that dream job.

Even if you think you will never use a program, learn it anyway. From word documents and spreadsheets to publishing tools, having these skills will make you more valuable.

Know the language of your industry so you can use keywords in your online profile. This allows recruiters to find you when they are using search engines to seek potential employees. It’s true, many employers are using Google and other sites to seek out talent.

Take the time to invest in yourself and the ability to adapt in the digital age. By taking the steps listed above, you will be letting potential employers know you can handle changes that take place in technology and the industry. You will be showing them you are the right candidate.