Your Options with a Business Administration Degree

Business admin degree

Business degrees are the most common degrees earned among graduates. This is because a business degree is often seen as versatile. Some people who have a business degree work in marketing, while others work in finance.

Some business degree majors find employment as managers for both profit and non-profit agencies. Some choose to be their own boss and become an entrepreneur.

The road to getting a business degree can lead you down many different paths. Depending on your ultimate career goals, the type of degree you earn can vary. For instance, if you desire a job in bookkeeping, clerking in accounting, or even an assistant managing a business, an Associate degree may be all you need.

On the other hand, if you want to work in a manager position or in a lead sales job, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. Director positions or upper management careers will most likely require a master’s degree in business administration.

Keep reading to learn more about each educational option to help you meet your career goals.


Associate Degree

When you hear associate degree, you can know this typically means two years’ worth of college credits, either online or in the classroom. Sometimes you can choose a combination of both online and in-class instruction.

Often, schools offer associate degrees in the arts, sciences and applied sciences. Business degrees usually fall under the field of the arts. However, this may vary based on the coursework offered at the college you choose.

Associate degrees are perfect for the person who wants to get into the workforce as quickly as possible. Flexibility is a big advantage. Most programs are designed with the non-traditional student in mind.

Classes are offered in the evening, online and in the classroom. Some colleges even offer weekend opportunities for completing course work. You can often schedule classes to meet the needs of your personal and professional life.

Associate degree programs are career focused. Meaning, they are set up to help you gain the most crucial information, in a short timeframe, to help you achieve your career goals.

With an associate degree, you can build your knowledge in the foundations of business administration. You will have a better chance at securing an entry-level job in the business sector of your choice, whether finance, accounting, retail or sales, to name a few.

Once complete, you may choose to seek employment in your field, or work towards a promotion in your field. You may also choose to continue your education and earn your bachelor’s degree.


Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in business administration takes most people four or more years to complete. You will be introduced to more advanced course work than you may find in the associate degree program. With a bachelor’s degree, many people find work in the following industries: healthcare; insurance; finance; retail; and marketing.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration has been reported as one way to increase not only your pay, but also the opportunities available. This makes sense due to the years of extra time and effort you put towards your degree.

Some of the higher paying jobs you may be able to access in the business industry with a bachelor’s degree include accountant, auditor, and analysts in fields such as marketing research and finance.

Many people choose to become entrepreneurs after receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

No matter what you choose, you can feel confident that you will learn skills such as communication, ethics, organizational behavior and management, theories and business concepts.

You may even decide to get a master’s degree, which can lead to more lucrative pay and more power within an organization. Having a bachelor’s degree is a requirement to achieving a master’s.


Master’s Degree

In business administration, those with a master’s degree are usually the ones who run companies. They are the chief executive officers and the chief financial officers within an organization.

The master’s programs are established to help you expand your knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. They are set up to help you become prepared for the higher-level jobs in the industry.

Some of these jobs include managing in the fields of operations, human resources, sales, training, development. Advertising, operations, and even teaching at the higher education level are additional areas for employment with a business administration degree.

The good news, some colleges offer a fast track program to help you receive your master’s degree in business in less time than typical university programs.


Fast-Track Training

Fast-track training means you may be able to receive a master’s degree in 14 to 16 months if you follow the schedule provided by the college.

You can expect a fast track program to be intensive and demand your time and effort for you to be successful. However, the intensity is temporary. The goal of the fast track program is to get you the knowledge and skills you need in the shortest amount of time so that both you and your employer can benefit.

Accelerated courses are sometimes offered year-round so you do not have to wait on the beginning of a typical semester to begin. You can also expect to have access to hybrid courses that utilize the benefits of online and in-class instruction.


Career Options with a Business Administration Degree

It is safe to say that business administration is one area with numerous career options.

The courses you take in college will prepare you for a wide range of business jobs. These may include the following: commercial loan officer, accountant, sales, public relations and marketing. Other jobs may include advertising executive or analyst in the fields of marketing and research.

Almost every industry has a need for an employee with business administration experience. Most employers need someone to help with marketing, someone to help with finances, and someone to help with management.

A business administration degree improves your skills so you can increase your employment options within your field.