Year of the Dog

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Friday, February 16th. According to the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar Calendar, this year is celebrating the Year of the Dog. During this yearly tradition, individuals celebrate by eating one of the most popular foods during Chinese New Year’s Eve which are dumplings, spring rolls and sticky rice cake. Like most popular traditional New Year’s celebrations, it is celebrated with firecrackers, decorations, and quality time with loved ones. We might dress in silver and gold sequins for our New Years, while Chinese New Year is decorated with the color red and gold. Red is seen as good luck and many of the streets are decorated with red lanterns, red couplets, and New Year pictures that depict Chinese words reading prosperity, success, good fortune, and good health. People walk the streets saying “Gong Zi Fa Cai (in Mandarin) or Gong Hay Fat Choy (in Cantonese)” which means Happy Chinese New Year!

You might be asking yourself, what is the Chinese Zodiac? The zodiac has existed in Chinese culture since the Qin dynasty, which was thousands of years ago. Find out which zodiac animal you are below according to

Each zodiac animal represents a different characteristic trait. Similar to horoscopes, each of these zodiac animals are unalike. For the year of the dog, it is said that individuals who have this zodiac sign are deemed as honest and loyal.

Join in on the celebration this year on February 16th! Go to your favorite Chinese restaurant, order dumplings, and check your local community to see if there are events being held like a dragon dance, lantern building, and more to join in on the festivities and learn about the culture.