Three Factors to see if a Medical Assistant Career is Right for You

When individuals are contemplating if they want to return to school, it becomes quite overwhelming.  Their minds loom with multiple questions like if it is the right fit, do they have enough money, or if they have enough time.  If you have been wanting to start a medical assistant program, you must have asked yourself if you have what it takes.

Here are three factors that you should consider if you are thinking about enrolling in a medical assistant school.

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Passionate and Focused – You can earn your diploma in medical assisting in as short as 9 months; however, staying focused in class requires stamina and endurance. Being passionate about your career can help you stay focused so that you successfully complete the medical assistant program and begin a long-lasting career in the medical field. Courses in the fast-track program will include Drug Fundamentals, Clinical Procedures, Medical Law and Ethics, Medical Terminology, Computer Applications, and more. With detailed instruction, it requires you to stay focused and detail-oriented during class to absorb multiple terminology and software programs that will help make you successful in your role.

Continuing Education – Once you graduate with a diploma in medical assisting, you may want to create more opportunities for yourself and earn an associate’s degree and a certification, such as the registered medical assistant .  This would require additional learning and further studying for the examination. This test can be strenuous and challenging to study for, but once obtained it can provide more career opportunities within the medical field. The medical assistant certification exam includes questions about anatomy, medical procedures, patient examinations, terminology, pharmacology, and more.

Personality – The coursework and career path of becoming a medical assistant requires individuals to be determined, but it also requires individuals to be empathetic, especially when working with patients.  Being a medical assistant requires you to work with doctors, nurses, patients, and other medical assistants. This necessitates an individual who is patient, communicative, and dependable.

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At SBBCollege, we offer a fast-track medical assisting program that students can complete in just about 9 months. The program includes hands-on training in the medical labs, as well as on-the-job training during externship. Upon graduation, medical assisting students also receive job-placement assistance such as job lead development, resume review and interview preparation.

If you have additional questions regarding the medical assistant program or how to choose among medical assistant schools, contact us at (866) 749-7222. We are here to help you make the decision to pursue your dream career!