SBBCollege Donates Amazon Kindles to Bakersfield HS Band

BAKERSFIELD, CA – On Thursday, October 12th at 3:00 pm, SBBCollege Bakersfield will donate 100 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to the Marching Band Program at Bakersfield High School in an effort to support technology in education and increase the learning potential of local students. The presentation will be held at the High School’s Science Field where the band practices.

The Kindles will enable students to learn marching drills and read sheet music from the ease and convenience of the portable tablet. Members of the Driller Band have previously used hundreds of printed pages for drill instruction, as well as entire books of sheet music, in preparation for a performance.

“Having all of their reference material with them during an entire rehearsal, instead of running to the sidelines to check their pages, would greatly improve the learning potential of our students,” explains Randy Bennett, Instrumental Music Director at Bakersfield High School. “This is an amazing opportunity for the program to take the leap into the 21st century with the support of SBBCollege. The number of possibilities are endless.”

The donation, estimated at a $10,000 value, is part of SBBCollege’s multi-year technology initiative designed to transform the way students learn from and use technology.

SBBCollege’s own students have received tablets and/or laptops to increase their technological skill set and help them meet the technology demands of employers. Additionally, SBBCollege’s sister university, California Aeronautical University, provides student pilots with iPads and the latest aviation education software applications to maximize training and career development potential.

“Our vision has been to revolutionize the way we teach classes by infusing lessons with interactive exercises and increasing student engagement through the use of technology,” said Wynn Blanton, SBBCollege Campus Director. “We are excited to extend our initiative into local high schools and help the Drillers boost their performance on the field.”