Medical Assisting Graduate Finds Support

Video transcript:

My name is Roxanne. I graduated from the medical assisting program associate of science from Santa Barbara Business College.

Time for a Change: I was working part time at Petco, and I hated it. I used to go home and cry. It was horrible. I used to go home and cry “I hate my job, I don’t make enough money, I work crappy hours” and my ex at the time was like “why don’t you go to school?” I came for an interview with admins. Two days later and I enrolled and I was in school the next month.

An Emotional Topic: The staff member that really had an impact on me was Rahsan. She was the teacher that taught all the body classes, all the medical classes and she really, really was able to connect with her students on a really deep personal level and show them this is what I do with my patients. This is how I do things and you’ll find your own niche. You’ll find your own way and how you want to work with your patients.

With her and a couple of other teachers that were again able to connect with their students, it makes a big difference when you like who your teachers are, you enjoy being around them and you connect well with them and you have a relationship with them. It definitely has an impact on your learning.

Friends and Family: The classes are a lot smaller than other schools here. It just changes you as a person being able to connect with your teachers and with smaller classes you get to know the other students and you get to be friends and family and you take that away with you. I still talk to some of the teachers and students all the time and I graduated almost a year ago, and not many people that have gone to other schools here can honestly say “well I’ve kept in touch with my teachers.”

The Big Picture: All around, looking at the bigger picture of everything and looking at where I was before, where I started and where I am now, it definitely made a big impact on my life. A lot of individuals that were raised the same way that I did, that had a lot of the same experiences that I did – they’re not in the greatest place and I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to completely turn my life around and this is definitely one of those big stepping stones that kind of helped me to get where I am right now.