SBBCollege’s Learning Environment Helps Students Succeed

Video transcript:

My name is Kathleen McManus and I am a business instructor in all three of our business programs at Santa Barbara Business College.

What Makes SBBCollege Different? Other schools, you have a number of students. You have a number of people to talk to on a daily basis, a number of issues and grading and so on and so forth. Here at the business college we have much smaller classes. We have a greater student/teacher ratio so you’d have more developed relationships and you get to foster their learning more in depth.

Everybody knows how to open a book but how you turn the pages and which direction you turn them helps you to understand more. I tell my students never to read the chapter before they’ve read the questions at the end or they know the vocabulary words that are at the end of the chapter. Why would you pretend to know something until the end and then at the end realize “I need to know what this means?” Rather I have them learn the vocabulary so that they can have an intelligent dialogue in the classroom, while we’re learning.

Supporting Your Dreams: Here, at Santa Barbara Business College, they’re going to be part of a family. They’re going to be a student and not a number. They’re an individual with a name and a dream and we’re here to try and support them and push them along that journey as best, and not necessarily as fast as possible, but at their own speed and their own enrollment to get to the end of that result.