Floyd’s Business Administration Success Story

Our mission at SBBCollege is that our success is based on the success of our students. We love hearing about our student’s triumphs and their experience along the way. We had the opportunity to meet with Floyd, an SBBCollege Business Administration alumni, and speak with him about how SBBCollege has changed his future. Not only did he enjoy the courses and the teachers he met along the way, but he earned valuable knowledge in his classes.

One of the things he enjoyed most about the program and what SBBCollege has to offer is the class size. He stated that, “the classes are very small, which I like. It’s a better learning experience. My time here was very pleasant.”


Floyd is now a Payroll Clerk, and his main responsibility is entering data and computing numbers to ensure that it is delivered to the FSA, and the government.

Many of our business administration programs equip our students with programming techniques, accounts payable, coordinating, and working with different management levels.  This is exceptionally important in Floyd’s line of work because he deals with multiple businesses and clientele.

Additionally, our programs teach students relevant business software and a wide array of computer skills that are applied in daily business tasks. Plus, courses in our Business Administration program help students like Floyd develop skills in leadership, organization, critical thinking, and how to apply these skills in accounting, marketing, and finance.

Along with career-specific curriculum to help students be successful in their field, all business school students receive job-placement assistance, such as job-lead development, mock interviews and resume preparation. Our career services team was instrumental in helping Floyd begin his business career.

“They have very professional and friendly staff, faculty and instructors are very knowledgeable and informative, and very helpful in your development,” states Floyd.

If you want to take a step toward pursuing your business degree, but have multiple questions, contact us at (866) 749-SBBC. We offer the business administration program at the following degree levels: associate’sbachelor’s, and master’s (MBA).

We want your future to be a success story, just like Floyd’s. Make a change for you and your future today!