Criminal Justice Class at SBBCollege

Video Transcript:

Instructor Dan Campbell – Recreating Crime Scene Footprint

Dan Campbell: We’re here with some international students that we are hosting from Brazil. They are legal students and today we are showing them how to take a footprint from a crime scene where the suspect has left his mark, perhaps outside of their house, and we have put their shoeprints into the sand. Then let it dry and then we will have a match of the bottom of this supposedly suspect’s shoe.”

Bianca: Hello, I’m Bianca. I’m from Brazil and I came here to learn a little bit about the Criminal Justice system and what they do, how they see a crime scene and things like that.

Dan Campbell: …And then we would put those into evidence bags and send them to our crime lab, and sometimes they find out where things come from.

Andrea: Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m from Brazil, I live in Sao Paulo. I’m here in SBBCollege to get better at my law classes because I am at the college of law in Brazil and I like these classes.

Ricardo: My name is Ricardo from Brazil and I’m here for the Criminal Justice program at SBBC. Now we are taking the footprints of ourselves, and it’s really interesting to see how the police work in a crime scene.

Dan Campbell: We’re at the final conclusion of our project here, and we’re here with our crime scene fighters from Brazil again. We are now going to lift up the mold that they have taken of their footprints and then we will clean that off and then in reality we would submit that to a crime lab for analysis. So this is the final leg in collecting some kind of print. We also could have taken prints from tires and other things in the sand, today it was a footprint but in law enforcement we use this technique to take molds off of various items left in dirt or sand.