Crime Scene Career Workshop

Video Transcript:

How you doing? I’m Craig Lansley, campus director here for SBBCollege in Rancho Mirage. Today we have a group of about 50 high school students coming from Desert Hot Springs High School which is about 10-15 miles away. They’re going to come and work with our criminal justice professors and our criminal justice students going over some crime scenes, what to look for when they come upon a crime scene, what information they take. They’re going to work on finger printing and potentially some police photography. So we’re excited to have them. We’ve got about ten of our criminal justice students that are going to work with them. We have our staff that’s ready to greet them and see what they’re future aspirations are so we look forward to it and hope to have a good time.

Instructor Dan Campbell. Retired Sheriffs Deputy: Over here we take a glance at the high school students at the crime scene. The first one is a murder and here we see the students actually taking part in the activities that law enforcement officers would perform at a real crime scene. They’re talking over on how they want to examine this crime scene. Also here you can notice that the various pieces of evidence have already been identified with the little yellow markers and what evidence you are going to focus in on.

Instructor Dan Campbell. Crime Recreation Scene 2 -Driving under the Influence: The high school students today get very excited when they actually dig into reality and perform these activities and get a chance to perform what officers do and realize that crime scene investigation is a very, very thorough activity. This is our second crime scene, the hit and run. Here we notice that the students are examining the car and the students are looking around. It’s very important that people investigating crime scenes take into account the whole area and the proximity to the crime scene to make sure they don’t miss any evidence that might be there.

Well that wraps it up here today and our crime scene investigation involving our local high school students. If you’re interested in further information concerning the programs at SBBCollege you can lookup or contact one of our admission reps at our local campuses and they can offer further information to you on the other programs that we offer at our school. Thank you and have a good day.