5 Reasons to Pursue a Nursing Career

It’s 2018 and there are multiple campaigns that are encouraging you to be a “New You,” but you might be asking yourself “how?” It gets discouraging when you start thinking about everything it takes to change. We are all creatures of habit; however, there is a little spark in us that wants us to be something better. But, “how?” is the question.

If you are sitting at home in front of a computer, or on your mobile device during a work lunch break reading this and wanting to change your career and do something that allows you to make a difference, while opening up opportunities, then continue reading.

Go to nursing school and pursue a nursing career. Here are 5 reasons to become a nurse.

  1.  Make a Difference: It might seem really cliché to say that your career will make a difference, but it’s true. After 60 weeks of hands-on training that’s provided to students in our medical labs, nursing students get to work with patients in different hospital settings. Students get the opportunity to build relationships with their assigned patients and really impact their emotional and physical well-being. You have the chance to ease the pain of someone’s grandma, or ensure someone’s child feels better.
  2. Pay: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,practical nurses can make anywhere between $37,040 to $45,620 depending on experience and specialization. If you’re interested in enrolling in a nursing program, be sure to research the average pay for nurses in your area for an accurate scale.
  3. Enjoy Career Flexibility: A nursing career provides you with multiple opportunities in the healthcare industry. With specialties in pediatrics, OB, geriatric and more, you have the flexibility to choose which direction to take your nursing career. Plus, since nursing skills can be transferrable, you could have the flexibility to work in different locations and you can dictate where you would like to continue your career as a nurse.
  4. Continuing Education: There are many different career levels within nursing. You can begin your career as a medical assistant or vocational nurse, and then work your way towards a master’s in nursing. The option to continue your education can translate into increased advancement opportunities, which could mean your experience will grow and you can negotiate for a higher salary. In addition to studying at a structured nursing program, you are constantly receiving on-the-job training. Because each patient you meet is different, you gain continuous knowledge regarding the human body, diseases, life challenges, and much more!
  5. Industry Growth: The fear of losing your job or getting laid off is always looming in the back of your mind.  Especially if you’re supporting your family on a single income. The great thing about the healthcare industry is that it’s growing. With the aging population and the increase of chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes, the job outlook for nurses is expected to grow faster than other occupations over the next decade. (source: www.bls.gov)

If you’re ready to get started in nursing, SBBCollege offers a vocational nursing program in Bakersfield and Rancho Mirage to help you pursue your nursing career. There are currently no waiting lists and no prior classes required for the nursing program. Nursing students can complete the program in about 14 months, upon which time they are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical/Vocational Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

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Are you ready to make a difference and open up more opportunities? We know you are. You just need that push to get off on the right foot! We’re here to help answer all of your questions. All you need to do is to call us at 866-749-7222. We want you to jump start your 2018 to becoming a successful and rewarding year!