SBBCollege Students Investigate Crime Scene

Students in SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice degree program recently participated in a hands-on training lab where they investigated a mock crime scene, preparing them for real-life scenarios in their criminal justice careers, such as forensics or crime scene investigations.

Students were instructed to investigate the scene, and determine what happened and who possible suspects were. Students utilized photographs, fingerprinting and other investigative procedures to process the evidence taken from the scene.

Whenever possible, SBBCollege uses hands-on training in addition to traditional classroom lectures. This crime scene lab aided in putting theories taught in classes, such as crime scene investigation, criminology and criminal investigation, to practice.

The criminal justice training program at SBBCollege provides students a solid understanding of the US criminal justice system, including social and behavioral science, with emphasis on investigation, law enforcement, corrections, the criminal court system, juvenile justice and private security.

For more information on receiving training in criminal justice at SBBCollege’s Ventura, Rancho Mirage, Santa Maria, Bakersfield or Online campuses, please call 866-610-SBBC.