SBBCollege Receives Recognition of Merit

Santa Barbara Business College has been awarded membership in the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society is the premier national honor society for private proprietary and nonprofit postsecondary institutions. Alpha Beta Kappa places Chapters in institutions which have demonstrated high standards over a period of many years in the education and training of women and men in the numerous fields, trades and occupations essentail to modern society.

The purpose of the society is to help institutions, and their students and alumni, through the encouragement and recognition of superior academic work in honorable fields of endeavor. Membership is based on merit.

Qualifications for membership include:

Excellence in classroom

Leadership and service in class and school activities

Strong personal integrity and good moral character

SBBCollege was awarded an Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter in June of 2009 for each of its campuses, and is honored to be given this mark of distinction.