SBBCollege Joins UCSB in Higher Education Week

UC Santa Barbara’s Early Academic Outreach Program will host a Higher Education Week at local high schools in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, from October 19th-22nd. The events will include representatives from colleges, universities and other higher education institutions visiting high schools to promote awareness about opportunities for education after high school.

Joining colleges from the UC, Cal State and community college system, representatives from Santa Barbara Business College will speak to high school seniors and parents about career opportunities, admissions processes and eligibility, financial aid resources and much more.

The SBBCollege presentation features the field of medical assisting, one of the programs offered at the College’s Santa Barbara and Ventura campuses. Offered as an Associate of Science degree or a training certificate, the medical assisting program prepares students to work in the modern medical front and back office, including phlebotomy and electronic health records. Graduates of the program are prepared for entry-level positions in clinical, hospital or private practice environments.

For more information on which high schools SBBCollege will be visiting, and to learn more about the SBBCollege medical assisting program, visit or call 1-866-610-7222.

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