SBBC Student Highlighted in Extern Site’s Newsletter

Rachel Stepka, currently enrolled in the business administration bachelor’s degree program at SBBCollege Santa Barbara, was recently highlighted in the August 2011 newsletter of Casa Esperanza for the services she has provided them.

As a recent graduate of the College’s business associate’s degree program, Rachel completed her externship at Casa Esperanza, a center for the homeless of Santa Barbara, as part of her program. Casa Esperanza appreciates all that Rachel has done for them – which included administrative work and serving as the first point of contact at the front desk – and thanks her in their “Spotlight on our Volunteers” section of their newsletter.

“By helping both the staff and members of Casa Esperanza, Rachel makes a difference each time she walks through the doors to volunteer…Casa is thankful to rely on dedicated volunteers like Rachel!”

After giving the student speaker address at her graduation ceremony in June, Rachel decided to continue her education with SBBCollege and earn herbachelor’s degree in business administration. While she continues to volunteer at Casa Esperanza, Rachel also works full time as a guest services representative in Santa Barbara.

SBBCollege is proud of the accomplishments Rachel has achieved thus far, and wishes her luck in her bachelor’s program and future endeavors!