Santa Barbara Business College Prepares Students for the Medical Field

Looking for a way to get started in the medical field? Have you always pictured yourself wearing scrubs to work and working hands-on with patients? Why not start your medical career as a medical assistant? With training in Santa Barbara Business College’s medical assisting program, students can earn their medical degree and be prepared to enter a field with lots of medical job opportunities.

SBBCollege’s medical assisting program teaches students how to prepare patients for treatment, assist physicians, perform blood draws, assess vital signs, and do so much more. It even includes an externship program where students actually work in a professional medical environment and receive real-world work experience in the field before they graduate.

SBBC’s medical training program introduces students to available opportunities open to a health care professional. Interested in working more with lab work? Assisting physicians? Will you continue your medical education and become a nurse or a doctor?

Carolyn, a soon-to-be graduate of SBBCollege’s medical assisting program in Santa Barbara, loved the variety of SBBC’s medical training. By learning different aspects of the medical field in class, and working in the field and receiving hands-on training during her externship, Carolyn found a passion for the medical lab.

“You learn so much here. And that lets you choose which field you want to go into. For me, it was labs. That’s why I chose to extern at the endoscopy department at the local hospital. That was quite an experience. I was able to watch a lot of endoscopic procedures. I got the opportunity to be down in the OR and see a procedure called a septal closure. It was really exciting because it’s a hard surgery. It’s when they open up the heart with a catheter. I was right there, and it was quite an experience.”

Carolyn will be graduating from the SBBCollege Santa Barbara campus this spring. She hopes to begin her new medical career in a medical lab.

Along with their other Southern California campuses, Santa Barbara Business College offers the medical assisting program at their Santa Barbara campus, as either a job training diploma or an associate’s degree program. They’re currently accepting applications, and have a start coming up soon!