Crime Scene Investigation Class Project in SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice Program

Along with classroom lectures, whenever possible, students in the SBBCollege Criminal Justice degree program participate in hands-on training. Using the theory and skills learned in the criminal justice classes in an actual hands-on setting can help students prepare for their careers in the criminal justice field.

Students in the crime scene investigation class at SBBC used their CSI training to help solve a staged double crime scene on campus. The first crime scene had students collect evidence from a disheveled room with a victim, while the second crime scene had students looking for clues in an outdoor setting.

Students carefully detailed any evidence found and also worked together to put a story behind the crime. An observant student left no stone unturned as he decided to look inside a trash can. The trash held a vital piece of evidence – a gun – that was crucial to solving the crime.

The criminal justice program at Santa Barbara Business College prepares students for entry-level employment in security and other related criminal justice careers in Southern California. The program provides a basic understanding of the criminal justice system and social and behavioral sciences, and is offered at the associate’s and bachelor’s degree level.